What is the status of 2.3.3?

  • Version 2.3.3 hasn't been a target release in redmine for many weeks - 2.4.0 is the next numbered release. Just curious about that, since there hasn't been any discussion of it dropping off of redmine in here….thanks!

  • It's kind of amazing that this has been viewed 155 times with no replies. I guess other people are wondering as well?

  • I believe it has been said elsewhere that there will be a 2.3.3 release, but that it will likely be after the 2.4.0 release is complete. The 2.3.x series is being maintained for some period of time because 2.4.x no longer supports 32 bit.

  • I suspect that nobody official is saying anything because they don't want to commit to something and then change their mind.
    As dennypage says, the 2.3.* series will be maintained (at least for security fixes) for some time - but the exact time has not been promised either.
    I have been continuing to encourage the devs to backport every fix and most appropriate features to the RELENG_2_3 branch, which they have been doing. So 2.3.3-DEVELOPMENT snapshots have pretty much the same user-side day-to-day functionality as master (2.4.-BETA).
    If I was making the decision, I would do a 2.3.3 release to support old 32-bit platforms soon after 2.4 is released. That way the 2.3.3 functionality will be as close as reasonable to 2.4. Then after that I would just backport real bugfixes and security patches.

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    The status is: It's in development, and has snapshots going, and it'll be released when it's ready or when it's necessary.

    There is no ETA as we do not know when such a release will be needed. The next time a security issue pops up we may go forward with 2.3.3 or 2.3.2_2 depending on what it takes to address.

    If there is something in 2.3.3 you want, run a snapshot. They're quite stable (usually). Usual caveats apply about lab testing first.

    2.4 is our focus for the time being.

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