Captive Portal custom page non-english character problem

  • Hello friends. I've just started to use new 2.3 CE version of pfsense.  I have my own custom login and error html pages of captive portal. After i've started to use new 2.3 version the non-english characters as shown as question mark. Before 2.3 versions i had not a problem like this. The page was clear as i did prapare. Now i am using same html files at 2.3 version's captive portal but as i said all non-english characters have problem. Do you know why? Thx and good work all.

  • Hi,

    Yes, this is known.
    It's quit easy to understand what happens.

    You do understand that 'html' files are plain text files.
    Every 'a' will be shown as an 'a', a 'b' a 'b' etc.
    But, things get complicated when you want to show a é, a è or even a æ or better. These 'special' (non US) letters are represented as bits in bytes, but for every system, they are (could be) different.
    PC (= read "Windows") system use other character sets as Linux system, which could be different to FreeBSD systems, and iMAC uses yet other "code page" set

    Solution : use a good editor like UltraEdit or Notepad++ which shows you the current 'code' (character set) and permits you to convert to another character set. Convert to the one that pfSense uses, and you're done.

  • Hi again. Yes i know the charset. . 8859-9 is for turkish language. When i try to open index.html file from my hard drive before upload to captive portal the Turkish characters look normal. But when i upload same file to captive portal and and try to view from the captive portal the characters not look normal. Also i tired utf8 and windows 1254 charset. All the same. I think problem does not become from html file or charset code at html file. I think problem becomes from free bsd or pfsense. The OS does not recognize 8859-9 iso format or something like that. I do not know what has been changed at 2.3 version about this. Coz as i said at 2.2 version was ok with that Turkish characters. So what do you suggest now my friend? Thx and good work.

  • @bassc:

    ….So what do you suggest now my friend? Thx and good work.

    pfSene is translated in two other languages, one of them is … Turkish.
    Check out how all the other html pages are generated and you have the solution ;)

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