No traffic is going through to th LAN-Network

  • I did setup a tun OVPN Connection (using wizzard) as decribed in the html-Book (and changed it ot SSL/TLS+Radius Auth afterwards). Clients connected properly but did not get any traffic through to the LAN Network.

    So I set up another OVPN Connection (1195) as decribed in the html-Book (setup was done using the wizard and as this is NOT capable of creating tap Network it was change manualy afterwards according to the description in the html-Book).


    When trying to connect the clients now report a "TUN Error: tun_prop_error: one of ifconfig or ifconfig-ipv6 must be sepcified."

    After severe research I think the problem is in what is decribed in the book as:

    "Clients connecting to the VPN must also be set to use tap mode. "

    After all I do NOT find any possibility to set the client packages (e.g. for iOS which I'm testing my clients on) to tap. The client-export wizard also gives no hint how to set the clients to tap.

    So I'm lost in my evaluation of pfsense vs. smoothwall with either a tun-connection that connects but does not route to the LAN or a tap-Connection that does not connect at all.

    Any help appreciated.

    kind regards

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