Bandwidth monitoring: finding where my datatransfer is being consumed

  • Hi
    I am an absolute newbie. Please help me out.
    I am having trouble with my home network. I have limited data transfer internet connection. Since last few months my internet connection is getting finished. I need to answer few questions.

    • Over last n days, what amount of total data transferring is happening?

    • Over last n days, which device is using what amount of data?

    • Over last n days, which website/application is using maximum amount of data?

    • Over last n days, Device wise, what website is consuming maximum data transfer?

    Finally I would like to block certain protocol, sites. Some of them will be device wise.

    Can this be done on pfsense? How can I do it?

  • One way I can think of, although it'd be a bit of a hassle - is assign all your household devices static DHCP leases and then use the darkstat package from pfsense.

    Tell darkstat to monitor just the lan, so it'll just check your IPs and how much data is going out.

    Then at the end of the month you just match the IPs to the devices you have. It'll also tell you total usage.

  • this sounds like a good idea, but I'm not able to find any screen shots of darkstat.  Be nice to know what to expect…

  • It's a nice web-based interface (used it in the past, don't have it installed now though)… you will definitely want to make sure you check the option to monitor the LAN addresses only, as otherwise it'll track EVERY connection that each host on your network makes.

    One other note about darkstat though... its data does not persist after a reboot.

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