• Buen día soy nuevo usando Pfsense y quisiera saber cómo usar alias para acceder a servicios que ya se encuentran dentro de mi red.
    Por ejemplo poner un alias y acceder desde el navegador sin poner la ip solo el alias

  • Hola


    De la doc de pfSense.


    What are Aliases?

    From the pfSense WebGUI: Aliases act as placeholders for real hosts, networks or ports. They can be used to minimize the number of changes that have to be made if a host, network or port changes. The name of an alias can be entered instead of the IP address, network or port in all fields that have a red background. The alias will be resolved according to the list [on the Aliases page of the WebGUI]. If an alias cannot be resolved (e.g. because it has been deleted), the corresponding element (e.g. filter/NAT/shaper rule) will be considered invalid and skipped.

    Firewall Rule Basics


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