High Number with Traffic Totals

  • I was just looking at this today and I noticed this massive outlier in my data.  Apparently on Nov 10-11 we used 172 GB in on LAN where normally a heavy day for us is ~6 GB, with no corresponding interface totals from WAN or DMZ…  ???

  • windows 10 uses your private network as a source of updates, so you don't need to download them 10x

    do you have loads of devices that correspond to an update on that day?

    just a random guess. It could be anything.

  • Inter-LAN traffic doesn't hit the firewall at all, so that's not it.

  • If you have Squid installed on your pfSense box, it may have cached the update files, then passed them to other computers (non-Windows 10, or Windows 10 that don't have the option to receive updates from others on the network) that were requesting them as well. Microsoft released updates that week on Tuesday, so if you have updates set to install on Friday-Saturday, then that might explain it.

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