OpenVPN + PAM + FreeRADIUS authenticating problem (from sticky)

  • Hello.

    I'm trying to get OpenVPN working with plugin. I've pkg_add'ed the plugin, but I get the same error:

    Thu Sep 11 11:38:55 2008 OpenVPN 2.0.6 i386-portbld-freebsd6.2 [SSL] [LZO] built on Sep 13 2007
    Thu Sep 11 11:38:55 2008 PLUGIN_INIT: could not load plugin shared object /usr/local/lib/ Service unavailable: Too many links (errno=31)
    Thu Sep 11 11:38:55 2008 Exiting

    My OpenVPN should be the "correct version" though. Is it safe to just upgrade OpenVPN anyway (I've got other, "plain" openvpn running as another instance) with "pkg_add -r"?

  • I think I found the problem:

    # ldd /usr/local/lib/                                                                                 
   => /usr/local/lib/ (0x2817b000)                                                  
   => /usr/local/lib/ (0x281a9000)                                                  
   => not found (0x0)                                                                                   
   => /lib/ (0x281b4000)                                                              
   => /usr/lib/ (0x281d9000)                                                                  
   => /lib/ (0x28207000)

    So I'll just look for the package for the right version of FreeBSD :)

  • It seems it can't be resolved that way, because does exists on every other FreeBSD-6.2 - it's in base system. Why is it missing in pfSense? How should I get it?

  • I just copied /usr/lib/ from another FreeBSD-6.2, but it doesn't resolve the issue - still getting "Service unavailable: Too many links (errno=31)" :(

  • OK, the plugin started working when I added OpenVPN from package.

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