CP - 1 user logins and everyone else gets connection

  • Hello,

    Problem description:
    CP is working fine for me in case of 2 NIC iface –> LAN/WAN native pfsense DHCPD on LAN iface.
    I need to have Zyxel P-334U on LAN interface using to use WIFI.

    Problem is, that I cant have 2 DHCPD on pfsense and on router at the same time, so I have static IP on Zyxel WAN and DHPD on wifi also there. It work this way, but on pfsense I always see **one** specific MAC address of the WAN Zyxel interface. Thats why, once somebody sign in trough CP, anyone else has connection, if the user who sign in at the first place, hasnt timeout for 5 min. Unfortunetly the Zyxel doesnt support only bridge mode,….
    Is there way to deal with this issue?
    The aim is to have aprox 60 users leased the IP trough Wifi, but restricted unless, the know the CP password.

    Thank you

  • Since you cannot bridge the Zyxel router, set it so that it only routes and doesnt perfom NAT.
    Then create a static route for the subnet behind the Zyxel-router pointing to the Zyxel IP.

    Like this traffic no longer seems to come always from the same IP.

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