Hangout Suggestion: Traffic Shaping with HFSC

  • Last hangout, JimP asked for new ideas for future hangouts.

    I've asked for this before but I would love to see a full-length breakout of Traffic Shaping with HFSC.  Most of the other major categories have already been covered, including an overview of shaping with PRIQ from last February.  However, the real power of shaping seems to be leveraged best by HFSC, but it's also the hardest shaper to understand.  An in-depth session to explain it all and give a few common use cases like:

    • Typical office (prioritize VoIP, ACK, DNS, HTTP, Other)

    • Local web server (shaper used to ensure some bandwidth to serve web pages)

    • Shaping over VPN

    • Multi-LAN

    • Multi-WAN (if possible)

    • Anything else

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  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The problem with that is HFSC is very complicated, it's not going to get covered in a single hangout and it's not something I think would work well as a series of hangouts. Each one of your bullet points would probably practically be its own hangout. And to just go through the wizard wouldn't warrant a hangout for HFSC. It's just not used that often or as effectively as PRIQ. It would be a ton of time and research spent for a topic with a very small audience.

    Everyone's needs for HFSC are going to be so different it would be hard to generalize, whereas with PRIQ it's simple to take the basic concepts and adjust them however you like since it's all priorities. Even with a few basic examples it's tough to say if anyone would find an HFSC hangout useful in their specific cases. I'd hate to encourage the use of HFSC over PRIQ when honestly it would end up performing worse for most people who would need a hangout to learn it.

    So maybe in the future if I can work out a way to do it effectively without it being a pain to do, but I don't see it happening any time soon.

  • Well, that's disappointing  :(  The fact that it's complicated is even more reason to go over it, IMO.  I don't see the breadth of users/scenarios like you do, but there sure is demand in the forums for HFSC info.  In fact, I'm usually one of the guys pushing people to PRIQ instead, but there is definitely interest.  We're pretty much out of basic Hangout topics anyway, so spanning a few sessions wouldn't be a negative or seen as taking time away from more-important topics.  My #1 point would probably cover the majority of use cases for small/medium customers.  Even an HFSC 101 where you just describe HFSC in the abstract, the WAN/LAN queues and how they relate to in/out traffic, floating rules and how they relate to directing traffic into queues, the HFSC variables defined and how they relate to each other, all in a general sense might be very helpful.

  • Hi team,

    I am facing the issue in virtual box pfsense. i want to create a bond of two lan interface. but I am not able see  nay interface in parent interface section

  • I am facing the issue in virtual box pfsense.

    Sorry to hear you're having problems but this is neither the topic nor the forum for you to discuss your issue.  The Virtualization installations and techniques forum is a better place for you to post your issue as a new topic if your problem is specific to Virtualbox, or the General Questions forum otherwise.

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