Possible bug with SnortWhitelist management

  • Hi All,

    Pfsense 2.3.2(i386)

    I've added a an entire /20 (4097 entries) subnet to the SnortWhitelist alias using the PFSense Gui.  However now it seems that I can no longer edit that particular alias the page times out and loads blank.  I took a look at an exported configuration and realized that the way that the data is stored is an individual IP address entry is created for each IP in the subnet.

    I suspect that if I manually remove all of those IPs from the config and reapply it, then editing this SnortWhitelist alias will function normally again.

    Is this a bug or just the way it works?  I would have thought pagination would kick in or at least in the GUI the representation would be a single line with the network notation designating the range.

    Maybe this is more of an alias  issue than a snort one specifically.

    I would think a workaround would be for snort to leverage the URL aliases instead of the host ones.

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