2.3.2-RELEASE-p1 crashes on Esxi 5.5.0

  • I upgraded to 2.3.2-RELEASE-p1 over a week ago from 2.2.6. All Prior 2.1.x & 2.2.x version(s) were rock solid on same 5.5.0 esxi and I have never experienced a VM crash. 2.3.2 has crashed on me twice within the last 7 days. It seems to take down Esxi with it as it leaves me with dump log and debugger with only option to reboot esxi.

    The only installed packages are:
    AutoConfigBackup sysutils 1.45 (not realy being used)
    Open-VM-Tools emulators 1280544.13_2

    If anyone else is experiencing similar issue (I see someone on 6.0 is) or has suggestions, please chime in.


  • I've been running various versions of pfSense on ESXi going back to 4.x.  Rock-solid.  Maybe something in the upgrade is giving you problems.  You might consider install a fresh copy of 2.3.2 and then restoring your config.xml backup to it.

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    A VM should not be able to take down all of ESX unless you have some other problem with your ESX hardware/setup unrelated to what you're trying to run.

  • I've only seen this happen due to broken storage or broken hardware (which sometimes also includes the storage if you do local disks for VM's).

  • Working just fine here…  Had an issue with a crashing ESXi 5.5 host once... Assigned too much RAM to a VM once, guess ESXi doesn't like when there's no RAM left? :)

  • Not sure if this is resolved yet, but if it's still an issue and you have server hardware, check the IPMI information. If there are CPU/memory hardware errors they will be listed in there. I had an ECC memory stick go bad on me last week and the whole machine would lock up. The IPMI information listed the memory module that needed to be replaced, once I did that good as new.

  • OP, does 2.3.2 (not p1) work for you?

    I've been running pfsense under ESXi for about 8 years now at least… never had an issue until 2.3.2_p1 update... when I update to it, it doesn't even want to boot.

    Also under ESXi 5.5 BTW

    see my thread here: https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=123971.0

    Although from what I've read that error seems to point to a hardware issue it just doesn't make any sense.  I don't have USB or floppy drives, etc on that VM.  It's just a video card, HDD and that's it which has always worked for me even w/ 2.3.2 (non-p1).

    EDIT: I reinstalled 2.3.2 in a fresh VM from the ISO then upgraded to patch 1 w/o an issue.. restored my CFG and I'm off to the races.  Hopefully you find out what's going on with yours.