OpenVPN: bandwidth problem (site to site)

  • Hello,

    I am experiencing bandwidth problems between two sites connected via OpenVPN,

    The physical context:
    -The pfsense are each connected to a switch in order to pass through an open fiber link (no flow restriction, via 1Gbps fiber module), via a 1 Gbps Ethernet link.
    -Behind each pfSense is the LAN of each site.
    -The two pfSense are SG-8860 (

    Software context:
    -The two sites are connected via an OpenVPN Tunnel (see below the configuration)

    The problem :
    -I can not exceed 20MB / s (~ 160Mbps) in LAN-to-LAN between the two sites, via the pfSense VPN.
    If I connect 2 PCs directly on switches 1 and 2, I reach an average throughput of 80 MB / s in file transfer (~ 640Mbps)

    I do not understand why I have such a loss by going through the VPN of my pfSense (even by adding the encryption part).
    So I wonder if my configuration is not optimal.

    Regarding the VPN configuration, this is what it contains:
    Pfsense1 (server mode):

    PfSense2 (client mode):

    Server type : Peer to Peer (Shared Key)
    Protocol : UDP
    Device mode : tun
    Port : 9876

    -I have activated on both pfSense the AES-NI CPU-based Acceleration (which supports AES-CBC, AES-XTS, AES-GCM, System Advanced Miscellaneous)

    • Encryption Algorithm used : AES-256-CBC (256-bit)
      -Auth digest algorithm used : SHA1 (160-bit)
      -Hardware Crypto: BSD cryptodev engine – RSA, DSA, DH, AES-128-CBC, AES-192-CBC, AES-256-CBC
      -Hardware Compression: Enabled with Adaptive Compression

    I made tests by modifying the parameters of cryptography as well as the port used and the result of flow remains the same (18 m / s) (gain of 4 m / s without sha1).

    As for the more advanced parameters such as the MTU interface, I left that so, so 1500 MTU on the routers (on the switches we have a MTU of 1512 by default).

    At each test the CPU never exceeds 20% usage.

    In my configuration there is something that seems badly configured and that could cause this low bit rate. Or is there any other limitation ?

    Thank you for your help.

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