Wrong DHCP IP on WAN interface

  • Hello,

    Not a major issue, just wanted you guys to be aware… unless of course someone tries to apply a snapshot remotely...

    When I upgrade to the newest 2.4 snapshot, I always have the wrong IP on my WAN interface and I am unable to get to the internet. It is always a 92.x.x.x IP. If I release/renew or reboot, I get the correct IP. I seem to always show the correct gateway, and that gateway will be down when the system initially comes up after the snapshot is applied.

    Weird, or is this already a known thing? I tried searching in the forums, but I didn't see anything...

    Thanks for all of the hard work! I have been using pfSense for about 8 or 9 months now, and I really appreciate the work that goes into it!

  • Not sure if anything changed, but I just installed the 2.4.0.b.20161125.1740 snapshot, and I did not have this issue.


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