How to use one openvpn client as a gateway for all other clients

  • Hi guys,

    I'm running OpenVPN server on pfSense and I have a scenario,

    I have multiple clients connected to OpenVPN server, I want to be able to share one of the client's internet to others.
    We have changed the client's default gateway to another client to do that, but it's not working!
    what's going wrong ?

    if it's not possible what scenario do you suggest for that purpose?

    Note: It was not possible to run OpenVPN server directly on that client because of ISP blocking all ports.

    The Scenario picture is attached.

  • In the OpenVPN server settings "inter-client communication" have to be checked to enable it.
    The GW-client should have a static IP. Use client specific overrides on server to set this up.

    On the GW-client you need a firewall rule on OpenVPN interface which allows Internet access.
    Also there is an outbound NAT rule necessary on WAN interface which translates the addresses from source = VPN tunnel subnet to the WAN address.

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