Wireless working, but no internet

  • Installed a wireless NIC tonight and configured it, and it's working, broadcasting, and I can connect my phone to it but can't get internet traffic. A wireless Windows7 computer can't connect to it, and my Xbox One can connect but fails the Xbox Live connection test. I can ping my phone and Xbox One from my desktop that is connected into LAN.

    Based on what I've read online along with the behavior I'm seeing, it seems that something is blocking internet traffic. I just don't know exactly what to do to resolve this.

    WiFi is not bridged. DHCP is enabled. I have these rules set up.

    Note: I created the rule to pass IGMP because I noticed it was being blocked, and tied to my phone's IP so I thought I'd pass it and see what the results are but it still isn't getting internet traffic.

    Not 100% on what I'm doing, but I know a little. Been Googling a lot.

    I'll be glad to provide whatever info is necessary, but not really sure what you'll need so I'll wait and reply with what's requested.

    UPDATE: A friend suggested I try this tutorial ( https://blog.artooro.com/2015/02/20/how-to-configure-wi-fi-in-pfsense/ ), so I did and bridged the LAN and WiFi interfaces.

    Now my phone can connect, and gets internet traffic but only for a few minutes and then disconnects. Xbox One still can't connect. Haven't tried the Win7 machine yet.

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    so can your wifi device ping the IP of pfsense wifi interface?

    So you're handing out dhcp - what are you handing out for dns?  What IP range did you put on this wifi network?  It is different then your other networks right, it doesn't overlap.  Pfsense should prevent you from doing that.  But want to make sure.

    Also pfsense created the auto outbound nat for this new network?

    To your friend suggesting bridge - That not really a good idea at all!!  There is zero point to that unless for some reason you needed your wired and wifi to be on the same layer 2 which really no good reasons for that.

    If you're pointing your wifi clients to pfsense for dns, are you running dns on that interface?

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    If you're pointing your wifi clients to pfsense for dns, are you running dns on that interface?

    Do an ifconfig /all on your w7 machine and post the results.

    Do a traceroute to and post the results.

    IMO you'd be better connecting an access-point to your LAN port rather than using a WiFi NIC, 802.11ac isn't supported by FreeBSD.

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