FreeRadius - LDAP - AD

  • Hi guys.

    I'm testing FreeRadius making LDAP connection to Active Directory, to authenticate users using a wireless network.

    With a local base, PfSense works perfectly, but can not integrate with the "filter" and "base filter".

    Does anyone have an example of filter configuration and base filter connection with AD?

    Attach image of the screen where you were doing a setup.

    Thank you for your attention.

  • I did several tests.

    And with this filter worked. "Login OK" appears when I use the PfSense prompt with the "radtest" command, but when I use the phone it appears "login incorrect". Using the same user as MS AD.

    Filter = "(sAMAccountName =% {Stripped-User-Name}: -% {user-name}})"
    Base_filter = "(objectclass = *)"

    Need to configure something else?

    Any additional encryption settings?

    Now I think it's a little short

    If anyone knows, thank you

    : D

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