I need help viewing and tracking down shaped traffic logs?

  • I'm new to pFSense. I'm attempting to do traffic shaping but finding that my Roku's are getting lumped in the VOIP queue.

    I want to give VOIP priority, and then media streams like local lan (plex), and streaming content on Roku and Amazon sticks like Sony Playstation VUE, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. I need a way I can view the specific traffic in a specific queue so I can capture it with a floating rule and get it properly categorized. I'm not sure if this capability exists in the GUI or not. I'm not opposed to using SSH if needed, and can certainly enable that, but would prefer a GUI option if it exists.


  • Not really.  Status - Queues is about the best you can do, also Diagnostics - pfTop - Queues view.  If your shaper rules are not behaving as you expect, post them in the Traffic Shaping forum and someone will have a look.

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