Message "I'm a teapot" on WAN-Interface

  • I have a pfsense (up to date stable 64bit) that started showing "418 I'm a teapot" when I try to access it via its external FQDN or IP.

    If  I access it from the LAN the webgui works fine.
    Above that 418-msg there is displayed another of our domains in blue, when I mouse over it it displays the link:


    Sorry, I can't post the actual URLs etc // does that ring a bell anyway?

    I checked DNS-records etc … can't see my mistake so far. Maybe I borked some file?

  • Do you have port 80 or 443 (since you don't mention http or https) forwarded to another host on your network through the NAT settings? If so, then you would want to check that server for the issue, not pfSense.

  • oh my, yes, you are right: I had forgotten a recent port-forwarding. SOLVED for me.
    sorry for the noise  ::)

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