What is difference between 1194/udp & 443/udp?

  • On SG-2440, set up openvpn on 1194/udp.  Connect to my NVR inside my LAN with an iPhone and can view camera's that NVR hosts.  Camera's all use private ip so are non-routable.

    Due to the well known issue of public wifi typically blocking ports, I am trying to set up on 443.
    I tried TCP the camera's would not connect.
    So set up 443/udp and it to does not connect.

    In firewall, openvpn connects to NVR:8000 on both the 1194 vpn and 443 vpn.

    So I would like to know why I can get a good result on 1194/udp but not on 443/udp

  • Answering my own question.
    I had 2 OVPN servers, each with different port config's running.

    This didn't work for me.  Disabling one of the server config's allowed 443/udp to work very well on an iPhone over a cell connection.
    I haven't tried this yet from a wifi connection outside of my home.

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