Making Openvpn active everywhere but one IP

  • Hi. I have successfully gotten OpenVPN to work with PFSense.  But the problem I face is I would like the default to be for OpenVPN to be used, but for one or two IPs, I would like to just go directly in and out of the WAN to those specific two IPs.    I'm drowning in trying different settings, getting nowhere fast.

    Lets assume I have a LAN, WAN and one called TGINTERFACE, which is my VPN tunnel.  On my Lan, I want all 192.168.1.* to contact the internet thru the tunnel, except for and  I've seen many situations where the default was the WAN and someone wants just a subset to go out via the tunnel, but my situation is the opposite.

    Any help will be appreciated.


  • put .200 & .201 in an alias


    • PASS / proto: any

    • src: myalias

    • dst: any

    • gw: WAN


    • PASS / proto: any

    • src: any

    • dst: any


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