Blockin Netflix and Youtube

  • Hi guys, i'm new here and new in pfsense firewall, and i need help :)
    i'm trying to block streaming services like youtube and netflix without success. i try squidguard and block direct in firewall with ips, but netflix have so many ips.

    Any ideas?

    sry for my bad ingles

  • Why don't you try to make a dns forward.

    when the people try to enter netflix, redirect to

    i use that way and its work.

    Sorry for my bad english too, i hope you can resolve your problem.

  • If you are using the transparent proxy, then you must configure the SSL in which you must define/create a certificate in order to make it work.
    you can find guides on how to create and activate your certificates in the PFSense forum,wiki or youtube.
    Or, you can make your proxy not transparent, by creating a group policy rule (if you're in a domain) to distribute proxy settings to all the devices on your network. When you do that you can simply disable your SquidGuard and go to your proxy server -> ACLs and add the websites you want to block into the Blacklist.

    And if you don't wanna do either, just do as ics.alberto told you, DNS Dorward.

  • The DNS method works perfectly! Thx guys!
    i set and to and access by web and app are blocked. 8)

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