*SOLVED* Connect a Linux VPS to pfsense OpenVPN server *NOOB alert*

  • Hi!

    I have an openvpn server on my pfsense box, and it is working great.

    However, now I am trying to connect a debian VPS server as a client to the pfsense server, so that I can access the pfsense box from the vps, and the vps from inside my LAN. I have manged to install openvpn on the vps server, and it is connecting to the pfsense box. I can see that it has got an ip ( on the pfsense status page.
    But still there is no connection between the two. I cannot reach the vps server from within my LAN, using the ip. Does anyone have any pointers for me? Sorry to bee such a noob, but i spent hours, and I am just about to give up on the whole project :(



  • Which type of OpenVPN server are you running, an access server or a site to site?
    Post your server settings.

    Is your pfSense the default gateway in your LAN?
    Do you get responses from the VPN client on pings from pfSense? Diagnostic > Ping.

  • It's working now, I can ping the vps, and reach it throught from my LAN :)

    Dunno what I did…just uploaded the config again, restarted, and suddenly it worked.

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