Quicken Login Blocked

  • I have a VM on my box that I use for running quicken.  I cannot find anywhere for the life of me what could be preventing the application from running.  I'm hoping that someone else on here has ran into this problem as well.  When the application opens it attempts to login to intuit and verify my account.  I intend to turn this off and just use local authentication.  The problem I have right now though is that when the application opens, it just sits there on the username/password screen forever.  I can tell that its trying to make a call out because if I disable the NIC on the VM then it will bring up the password prompt for the quicken file and let me move on.  Except for when I enable the NIC again to go download all of my account transactions from my bank it wants me to authenticate to their cloud and now we're right back to square one.  Of course the app doesn't log anything of use and I've been tailing the log files from PFSense in my splunk instance to try and find where its blocking it but I also can't find anything in there either.  Thank you all for your help with this and I hope to find a solution soon so I can get my checkbook updated.

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