[SOLVED]Tunnel up but no connections between client LAN to server LAN

  • Hi, so I'm trying to setup an site to site vpn using peer to peer shared key. my setup looks like this

    WAN: pppoe static
    tunnel network:

    WAN: DHCP from ISP modem with this subnet

    and so the tunnel is up but i cant ping the client pfsense box within the network and so as within network cant ping ip, but from server, i can ping the tunnel ip of client pfsense which is I already added rules in WAN and OpenVPN to both pfsense boxes to accept traffic on port 1194 "source=any dest.=any port=1194" i got this erron on openvpn log from the server pfsense

    ERROR: FreeBSD route add command failed: external program exited with error status: 1

    :( Im still noob on Networking, any help would be much appreciated. thanks in advance.

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    And are these devices in your different networks running firewalls?  Tell you out of the box the windows firewall is not going to answer a ping from an IP that is not from its local network..

    A test to see if the tunnel is up is ping the IP addresses of the other sides lan interface in pfsense.

    Pinging or talking device to device that are on the lans of your different sites, you have to take into account any firewall software running on these devices and their rules as well.

  • Hi, thank you for the reply. Ive disabled all firewall software of client hosts, i can ping tunnel ip from pfsense openvpn server which is the client pfsenses ip but i cant ping from client box . is the vpn servers tunnel ip

  • no one can help me with this?  :'(

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  • I cant ping any adress on LAN on both sides. When i looked at the servers firewall logs, i see this :

    action       Time                 interface         source               dest                             proto
    X	Dec 10 18:40:40 	   ovpns1		       ICMP 

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    Check your OpenVPN Firewall rules. Most people set to pass any any any to start then tighten when they know the VPN is working.

  • I already added a rule in openvpn tab after creating the server to accept traffic from any to any on both sides

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    Maybe you did it wrong because if it was right the traffic would be passing there.

    How about you post what you have done instead of just saying what you think you have done.

    There is nothing in your OP talking about or Where is that source IP address coming from?

  • Sorry for misleading you. From my OP, I indicated there tat my tunnel network is, it is now please see my screensots

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    You can't have as remote networks on both sides.

  • so im going to remove from client remote network field? i sorry for this idiotic question, i dont know what to do.  :'( i followed all the steps in the tutorial but i cant get it to work.

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    No you are trying to VPN two networks, both That can't work. Well, at least without herculean NAT efforts.

  • Can you suggest something that i should do or change? I dont understand when you said "you are trying to VPN two networks, both" the server network is the only network on the client pfsense is thats behind a ISP router.

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    Only going by what you posted.

    The remote networks on both client and server are shown as

    The remote networks on the server should be

    On the client

  • Thank you good Sir. I'll give it a try tomorrow.

  • Thank you very much Mr. Derelict. My VPN is working now :)

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