Routes Between 2 OpenVPN Servers

  • I have 2 OpenVPN servers configured, they are both working with client connections.
    Clients 1 and 2 can access the local LAN AND clients 3 and 4 can access the local LAN.
    Clients 1 and 2 can also access each other (client-to-client).

    But, clients from Server1 cannot reach clients from Server2.
    I.e. Client1 cannot access Client3, ect…

    Can someone push me in the right direction on how to setup routes between clients of different servers?

    Local LAN:
    UDP 1194
    Tunnel Network:

    Local LAN:
    UDP 1198
    Tunnel Network:

  • Add the tunnel subnet of the respectively other vpn server to the "Local Networks" of each server.

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