How do i block torrent file on squidguard proxy filter

  • Blocking executable and other extensions i copy this code (./..(asf|wm|wma|wmv|zip|rar|cab|mp3|avi|mpg|swf|exe|mpeg|mp.|mpv|mp3|wm.|vpu)) and paste under Target categories and regular expression is working fine
    i tried torrent file to block just adding |torrent after vpu but its not working.

    is there a way to block torrent file


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    Not really sure what you are after. Blocking a *.torrent files won't produce much effective result, considering most torrents are just magnet links. Squidguard certainly will NOT block BT protocol traffic.

  • Thanks for your reply doktornotor

    sorry i am really newbie, my objective is to block torrent files using pfsense squid and squidguard i can only block some extensions using this code (./..(asf|wm|wma|wmv|zip|rar|cab|mp3|avi|mpg|swf|exe|mpeg|mp.|mpv|mp3|wm.|vpu)).

    Is there any other way instead blocking the websites.


  • Block all outgoing and incoming port ranges, and allow ONLY the ones that users NEED to get out to the internet…?  That will help kill a ton of your torrent traffic issues, even if users can get a torrent file, or magnet link.

    Seriously, there is ZERO point in blocking a torrent file it self, as right beside the link to download them tends to be a magnet URI that users can copy and paste right into a torrent client.  You are best off blocking torrent sites, as well as disabling any potential ports for torrents.

  • Thank you C0RR0SIVE, I will block all torrent sites and ports.

  • Where is block it?can explain it

  • Not possible.  He intends to block the IP address of every torrent tracker in the world.  Good luck with that.

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    Perhaps you could have a look at Snort and the OpenAppID or whatnot… Blocking by IPs, file types etc. is completely ineffective or impossible