Show metric, area and network type in quagga interfaces page [patch]

  • Fed up messing with xml by hand, made a patch.

    If $subj isn't descriptive - this patch adds columns "Metric", "Area" and "Network type" to Quagga's interfaces page.

    Hope it will be added to package.

    Tested on 2.3.2, -p1; Quagga_OSPF v0.6.15 package.

    --- /usr/local/pkg/quagga_ospfd_interfaces.xml.orig	2016-12-07 22:24:00.128301000 +0000
    +++ /usr/local/pkg/quagga_ospfd_interfaces.xml	2016-12-07 22:37:59.934817000 +0000
    @@ -80,7 +80,19 @@
    +		 <columnitem>+			<fielddescr>Metric</fielddescr>
    +			<fieldname>metric</fieldname>
    +		 <columnitem>+			<fielddescr>Area</fielddescr>
    +			<fieldname>interfacearea</fieldname>
    +		 <columnitem>+			<fielddescr>Network Type</fielddescr>
    +			<fieldname>networktype</fieldname>
     	 <service><name>Quagga OSPFd</name>

  • Banned


    Hope it will be added to package.

    This is a wrong place to submit patches you want included. Need to go to GitHub as pull request:

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