OpenVpn Bridging-tap Connecting but no packets

  • Hi, i'm setting up an openvpn server with bridging.

    I've set up the bridge following some guides on the internet, joining openvpns and lan with a bridge(vm so infinite adapters)
    But if i dont deactivate PF filtering the client cannot send packets to anything on the server lan.

    A few info: it's a server inside the lan, dedicated so that i could give specific acces to a single machine and specific ports on that machines without having to mess around with the main server and having snort running on this specific istance.
    Firewall rules set to "pass everything" to test.
    The client has a correctly assigned IP address from the main pfsense firewall.
    After dhcp- everthing goes into a void. I can see the connections being made on PFtop but they don't get routed to the internal lan.
    I have 0 warnings or anything at all on the firewalls log.

    Please help!

    I need bridging because the program i need to run on the client is reacting adversely to the natting done with tunneling.

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