Captive portal and Untangle

  • Hello all. I have been having a problem with the pfSense Captive Portal and Untangle. Here is the setup:

    Wildblue Satellite Modem >> pfSense >> Untangle (transparent bridge) >> LAN

    Main problem is that the captive portal, served by pfSense, is bypassed when Untangle is bridged. It was working for about a week and now any LAN client goes straight to the internet. When UT is removed, captive portal comes up on every machine like it's supposed to. The MAC for eth0 on UT is whitelisted in pfSense's captive portal, but the captive portal still showed up on all machines for roughly a week after install (and a month before that while testing). Disable MAC filtering IS checked.

    Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

    NOTE: To cover all my bases, this is a near-duplicate of the thread I have started on the Untangle forums:

  • anyone…?

  • Someone mentioned in the Untangle forums that captive portal is done with a proxy. In pfsense and m0n0 it is actually done with firewall rules.

    If Untangle passed client mac addresses on to pfSense then your setup would work. But from what I saw on their forum the bridge is working that transparent.

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