Newbie question - wireless network not routed through VPN

  • Hi,

    I am getting my first pfSense box on Monday so know very little about it so far. I have been doing a bit of reading and have come up with some questions. I think I know how to route known stuff like Netflix through the WAN and not VPN. My issue is with 'random' sites that block VPN access that I may still want to access ad-hoc. For example many banks block VPN traffic from the likes of PIA. I thought about setting up a wireless network that is not routed through the VPN so I can just connect my laptop to that network when I want to access the bank.  How do I go about that? I will have a wireless card in my PC Engines APU2 and can also have a wireless access point connected via Ethernet. One of these should use OpenVPN, the other should just use WAN. I suspect that this is very simple…. Do I just map one wireless interface to WAN and the other wireless interface to OpenVPN. Is there a more elegant solution? I don't want to just run the PIA client on my laptop as I want to protect the whole network 99% of the time and I have found the PC client to be a little bit of a PITA. If the banks use a small or well defined set of IP addresses I can use the same approach as I plan with Netflix although I don't know how to actually find that out?

    EDIT: I don't think I need an additional wireless AP. I think I can mkae this work using the built in wireless card and creating two wireless networks (a bit like you would do if creating a guest network) off of that. Is that correct?

    Kind regards, BM

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