Migrating 3 physical interfaces to LAGG

  • I am starting to migrate 3 physical interfaces to a LAGG. The interfaces already are assigned and each have a lot of configuration already in place. I found this article that talks about migrating a single interface, but even with just one I have questions.

    So I must unassign an interface before it can be used in a LAGG. If I unassign the LAN, create the LAGG with that interface, then reassign LAN to the LAGG, will all the LAN configurations still be there?

  • So I made some progress. I backed up the entire config before proceeding. I didn't think that deleting an interface would keep the settings so I instead created a dummy vlan on an unassigned interface. I then changed the LAN interface to this dummy. Created the LAGG with the original LAN interface. Created a real VLAN on the LAGG for the LAN then re-assigned the LAN interface to this new VLAN. Voila. It worked. Now for two other nics…

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