Pfsense behind router? pfblocker won't block ads anymore

  • Heya,

    I have changed Home/ISP and I no longer have the router bridged, as it seemingly is impossible with PPPoE on dynamic IPs.
    I managed to assign a WAN ip from Router DMZ/DHCP scope and have pfsense behind the router.
    (router, pfsense, LAN

    All configs remained the same, proxy and firewall still work, but pfblocker won't block ads anymore, LAN interface of the pfsense is used as DNS on laptop.
    I suspect it might be double NAT or DNS forwards I might have to set between the router and pfsense box?

    I checked status and I see this:
    Alias                 Count    Packets Updated
    DNSBL_ADs 5152       21751         Dec 12 00:00:04
    pfB_Top_v4 24509 2375         Dec 10 18:39

    So it's still blocking, but tests on Twitter and other sites still show ads, when it wasn't in the past

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