Wlan problem, no internet access, no ping, just get dhcp ip

  • hi guys,

    i have a problem with pfsense.

    i have 1 LAN(, 2 WANS and an another optional interface (opt2= for WLAN.

    the opt2 interface is connected to an Accesspoint (

    my problem: i don't have access to the internet, or at least to pfsense from the AP and the wireless clients.
    LAN works fine. i can't even ping opt2 from the AP or the clients.

    the wireless config:

    Interfaces - WLAN (opt2):
    Type  Static
    Bridge with  none
    IP address / 24

    Firewall - Rules - WLAN:
    *  WLAN net  *  *  *  *

    Services - DHCP Server - WLAN:
    Subnet mask
    Available range -
    Range to
    (all other fields are left blank)

    The WLAN clients get an IP within the range 100-200 and are listed at DHCP leases.

    I also disabled the DHCP Server for WLAN, connected a laptop(192.168.2.xx) with the WLAN interface and tried to ping pfsense, without success….

    This config worked fine untill i set up pfsense on a newer system..

    greetings from germany :)

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