PfSense in VM, how to connect host server to use PfSense NIC

  • My server has 2 nics and I want to setup PfSense in Hyper-V using both NICs (WAN/LAN).  Is there any way to setup the server to use the virtual LAN nic for internet access since both physical NICs are being used by PfSense?

    If so,  how?  I think the Virtual NIC will present itself on the host but how do I tell Windows to use that instead of the physical?


  • In Virtual Switch Manager try Allow management operating system to share this network adapter checkbox

  • I'm running PFsense in a Hyper-V server and its been running great for months.

    This guide is pretty much how I set mine up.

    As for the virtual switches. I would recommend you create the virtual switches as described in the article but ALSO edit the properties and set a custom MAC for each of the NICs. This way during the PFSense install and selection of the NIC ports, you will know what MAC is the WAN and the LAN. No need to guess.

    There is a few articles out there that are mostly correct but they state to use the Legacy Network Drivers instead. Don't do this. Just used the standard Hyper-V NIC drivers first. Then try Legacy if you are having issues getting connected to the internet or address LAN etc…