Openvpn tunnel forwards my home IP through vps

  • Hi!

    I have a Linux VPS server, which I am using as my private VPN server. This vps is connected as a user on my pfsense gateway, with an IP of The problem is that the vps is forwarding my home WAN IP when checking, not the vps IP. Does anyone know how I can correct this?  ???



  • on your VPS, there will have been a setting when you installed openvpn (and probably in the gui interface also) to route all traffic through the VPN, and same for DNS. If you chose no, that's probably why.

  • I'll have a look at that, thanks. Alternatively, could it be that i have to make a server on the vps, and put pfsense as a client instead? The opposite of what I have done now?

  • If your goal is to have the traffic from your home go to your VPS then out to the internet, then yes you have it backwards.

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