Bridge optional LAN and WIFI interface to primary LAN interface

  • Hey,

    I am using pfSense 1.2 on an alix2c3 with an atheros WLAN card and it works great!

    I bridged the primary LAN interface, on which the DCHP server runs, with the WIFI interface by setting:

    Interfaces -> LAN -> Bridge with: WIFI
    Interfaces -> WIFI -> Bridge with: LAN

    When I only set 'Interfaces -> WIFI -> Bridge with: LAN', the DHCP server did not work on the WIFI interface (although System -> Advanced -> Filtering Bridge is off). Anyway, this worked fine for me, as I only wanted to bridge these two interfaces.

    But now I want to bridge the thrid (yet unused) LAN interface with the primary LAN interface, too.
    Since I can only set 'Interfaces -> LAN -> Bridge with' to one signle interface, the DHCP server in the optional LAN interface is not working.

    I don't think that it is the intended way to bridge connections, by setting the 'Bridge with' option on both interface.
    But when I leave the 'Interfaces -> LAN -> Bridge with' option to 'none', the DCHP server does not work on bridged interfaces, even if I add the firewall rule " to UDP" to the bridged interface as suggested in this post:,11300.0.html.

    Any idea? :)

  • Chances are strong that you have your reasons.  But I'll ask, why do you need to bridge all those?  Why not just run DHCP on that interface as well?  Or DHCP forward to the LAN?  The latter may not be possible; I've never tried.

    That post you linked is for pfsense 1.2.1 which I  believe is quite different from 1.2 so…  I may be very wrong.

    Good luck

  • Hey curly,

    the reason is, that I only have two ethernet clients in my network.
    If I could bridge these interfaces, my switch would become useless and I could save some energy.

  • well, why not just run a dhcp server on the opt interface? and make rules.  I've done that and it worked well.

    otherwise, drill down on the manual (even though a bit outdated) It took me a while to get there but I almost kinda know what i'm doing, at least with the basic stuff.

    you could also try M0n0Wall on which pfsense is based.  It's a bit simpler and works very, very, very well.

  • Well in 1.3 you have support for that kind of bridging.

  • @ermal:

    Well in 1.3 you have support for that kind of bridging.

    Great, thanks for this information!

  • Just for reference in 1.3 for this setup i would recommend.
    createing a bridge with the needed members.
    Assign the bridge interface as lan.
    Give the lan(bridge) interface an ip.
    Configure dhcp server for the lan interface.

    Go to Advanced Settings and change the knobs controlling the bridge filtering to:
    pfil_member = 0
    pfil_bridge = 1

    So you do all the filtering on the bridge interface itself rather than the members.
    After this you can disable the members so you do not see their tabs on the Firewall->Rules page.


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