We're STILL hiring!

  • Resume to network at montgomerytech dot net  8)

  • You'd get more takers if this was a professional job posting with list of salary, benefits, job requirements and responsibilities, etc.

    I and many others wouldn't waste our time for anyone who doesn't post a salary, that usually ends up in a will-you-work-for-half-market-rate? situation.

    As always remember the golden rule of - "there is a shortage of qualified employees…..who will work for wage you want to pay"

  • Sorry…Didn't feel like writing up a full blown description in this re-post.  So what do we pay?  Well its based on experience but between $80K and $130K plus the normal benefits.  I'm really looking for someone we can train and mold.....say 5 years of experience as a Network Technician.

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    130 might draw me away from current, if did not require relocation.. But its not much of a bump so what are the other ben's?

    This so freaking true ;)
    ""there is a shortage of qualified employees…..who will work for wage you want to pay""

  • We have all the typical bennies…..Health care, profit sharing, 401K, etc.

    We just hired a person today, so we're back to full capacity for now.  Hope to have another opening in the spring.  ;D

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    Saying you have 401k doesn't say much.. What do you match, what do you contribute on your own.. Company that matches dollar for dollar up to X% vs no match is not the same typical ben ;)  Company that contributes 5% into your 401k be it you contribute nothing or if your put in 5% and they match 5 and put in 5 is 15 going into your 401k..

    Profit sharing - so bonus.. What %, what has been the history.. You can say you have profit sharing/bonus but if you last 3 years has been 1% vs max of ??

    Health care - so fully paid, or you contribute and the plans you offer still going to cost me $$$ etc..

    When you have another opening.. Might want to bait your hook a bit better if you want anyone to bite ;)

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