PIA VPN Port forwarding stopped working

  • Hi guys, I have my pfSense setup so that I added Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN as a separate gateway following the guides here. I then set a LAN rule so that one specific LAN IP always gets redirected through the PIA gateway. I also have a NAT port opened for that LAN IP. For the last 100+ days this has worked great!

    I am running Deluge on the box and using the Test Connectivity button everything turns green.

    So I decided to set up a second box with an identical configuration to the first, open up a NAT port, and add the LAN IP rule to redirect WAN traffic from that IP through PIA. However when testing deluge the connectivity is unreachable even though with identical configurations and rules the first box has no issues.

    I spent a few hours last night playing with it and now neither one is reachable so whatever I did broke the original as well. If I disable the LAN->PIA rule so that traffic exits the WAN as normal the port forwarding and connectivity work. Then I enable the rule and I can still access the internet but the port forwarding and connectivity are broken.

    Not sure what to try next as I followed the guide exactly in the past and everything was working.