Network blocked

  • I have 2 networks and that are connected with routers over a private t1.
    I need to access a specific network but my pfsense is blocking from reaching it.
    The firewall log show it being blocked by the default rule.

    The network has access to all other computers on the network.

    the network is an private network handled by a vpn box.

  • I get these messages in the firewall log when trying to traceroute the network.

    Sep 16 15:37:57 LAN ICMP
    Sep 16 15:37:52 LAN ICMP
    Sep 16 15:37:48 LAN ICMP

  • More infos please.
    Screenshots of firewall rules, did you create an allow-rule for this traffic, how do you test, what are you trying to access, is the subnet behind the router,
    what is the default gateway of your clients, what is the default gateway of each router, etc.

  • Yes I created rules.  At least I think i did. Yes the network is behind the vpn box.
    Im trying to access a private network.  The network can reach it with no problem.
    Default gateway of the network is the pfsense firewall.  The network gateway is firewall for its own internet connection.
    See rules screenshot below.

  • No other help?  Is more information needed?

  • The screenshot of your firewall rule shows as destination
    The diagram in the first post shows as destination subnet

    If you try to ping this is in the or or subnet
    and NOT in the

    One thing i dont understand:
    Why do you have the "source, destination "lan-subnet" " rule on the LAN tab?
    It has to go to the interface on which traffic with as source comes in.

  • Not sure was just trying anything to diagnose where the problem might be.
    I went and changed the /26 to /24 for  I will retry.

  • Ok I got everything working.  I had to add a static route in pfsense to the network.  I also added some rules on the DMZ tab for the network to access it.

    Thanks for your help GruensFroeschli.

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