On a reload I lose LAN1s IPv4 network

  • The IPv6 network is fine and LAN2's IPv4 is OK. I go back into LAN1 setting and just save and apply and it is back. I have tried to search but I cannot find anything that addresses this to help fix. Please advise I am stumped and Thanks in advance.

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    You sure are posting in the right forum???

  • I am sure… With pfblockerng, when it reloads from an update my lan1 interface loses IPv4. The IPv6 on same interface remain, and lan2 is unaffected. To get it back I need to go into lan1 settings and just save them.

    I tried to keep this post simple and direct where did I lose you?

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    where did I lose you?

    Right in the subject of the thread.  ::) I cannot see how pfBNG would be causing any interface to lose an IP, except that you did not RTFM and configured the DNSBL IP to be inside your current networks. The VIP must be completely outside of any subnets used on pfSense.