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  • Hello !

    I'm trying for the first time to configure pfBlockerNG (and pfSense in general, an amazing router by the way!) and I have a problem with "DNSBL EasyList".

    I activated both EasyList and EasyPrivacy lists and it looks like it works (I see many "Reject" lines in "dnsbl.log") but the amount of missed ads is high.

    I think the 'classic' EasyList only blocks ads in english so I tried to add the list specific to my language in "DNSBL Feeds", but the update process ignore it and just say "Terminated - Easylists can not be used" so apparently it's not supported…

    So my question is: Does the language specific lists of EasyList will be added in a next version of pfBlockerNG? If not then in what format the list need to be exactly? (So I can try to find a replacement for EasyList)

    Thank you for your help!

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    I have this on the To Do list… But time is always the enemy...

    Since most of these AD Server domains to do not change that often, you can manually view those EasyList Language Specific feeds, and copy the lines that start with "||".

    Usually those domains are the AD Servers...  ADBlock/UBlock manipulates the webpage to remove elements, and many of the lines in these EasyList feeds are not the Domains that you would want to block via DNS....

    Once you have copied those specific Domains, save them in a Custom List in DNSBL without the "||" or trailing "^$third-party" characters.

    I have done this for the French EasyList feed, which I posted to my Github Gist... Its a little outdated ATM...

    Hope that helps...

  • That's exactly what I wanted to know.

    This is a feature i'm eager to have. :)

    For now I think I will try to spare some time for writing a little C# proxy that dynamically 'translates' the feed when pfBlockerNG requests it.

    Thank you!

  • I made the server and it works like a charm! I tested it successfuly with the FR and NL lists.

    I attached the program with the source code in case someone is also interested.

    The program have a window where you can specify a port and start/stop the server, that's all. If you close the window the server will keep running. If you want to show the window again or stop the program you need to use the context menu of the notify icon (translate that with the source code if you want :) ). You can also edit the *.config file to specify a port and set "Autostart" to "True", in that case the program will start the server directly without showing the window.

    Once the server is running you can go to "https://adblockplus.org/en/subscriptions" get the link to the *.txt file of a list. Here is an example to add a list:

    In that cas the URL you need to specify in pfBlockerNG is "".

    It downloads the list provided and parses the lines with the regular expression "^(?<exclude>@@)?||(?<host>[a-z0-9.-]+|[[0-9a-f:]+])(?::[0-9]+)?/?#^?($(?:[,= ]+|third-party|popup|(?<option>[^,= \r\n]+)))?$". Only the rules matching EXACTLY a domain or an IPv4 address or IPv6 address are listed. What it means is if a rule uses a mask like "example.com" or "example.com/ads", or an option like "$script" or "$domain=blah.com" ("$third-party" and "$popup" are ignored), or if an exclusion rule also exists for a host, then the host is not listed because it would block more than the original filter otherwise.


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    Sneak peak of the next release which will include - EasyList Language specific Feeds

  • @BBcan177:

    Sneak peak of the next release which will include - EasyList Language specific Feeds

    When can we expect this upgrade?  Need a beta tester? I am willing to help.

  • Just registered, to just tell you that I love you for doing this work!
    Thank you so much!

    Cant wait to use the new release!

  • Thanks for doing such a great job.  I apologize upfront for asking it, but can you give an indication of the release date please ?

    Kind regards,


  • BBCAN you tease! Looks great…

  • Hi,

    This looks great, and exactly the functionality I was looking for!  I see the sneak peak was from January 2017 … any chance it will be coming soon?  Or is it out already and I need to update?

    Don't give up on the good work!


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