Basic question about SNMP on pfSense - MIB/OID = hardware dependant or FreeBSD?

  • Please excuse my basic question; I've been reading on the forums and such about the bsnmpd implementation in pfSense.  If I'm understanding correctly, the MIBs/OIDs returned from snmpwalk are in part dependent upon what hardware you've got pfSense installed on.  Is that correct?
    Example: when I run snmpwalk on a pfSense install I get a lot of SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises values, which I presume I'd need the MIBs from the hardware manufacturer to decipher.
    So there's only so much generic data you can get from pfSense via SNMP without knowing the MIBs/OIDs of the hardware it's installed on, right?
    Or is it more to do with the version of FreeBSD pfSense is running/compiled with, as per

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It has to do with both of the following:

    1. What hardware is in the system
    2. What modules are loaded in bsnmpd

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