How do I figure out if pfblockerNG is blocking a site?

  • I am completely unable to connect to a certain site ( from my network.  The IP address is resolvable in DNS resolver, but pings result in 100% packet loss and no connectivity.  The address does not show up anywhere in my logs, so I can't figure out what is blocking access to that site.  I suspect that pfblockerNG is blocking it.  I added a whitelist entry (DNSBL - Custom Domain Whitelist), but this does not seem to help.  I am able to access the site without difficulty if I use an alternate connection (e.g. hotspot through my phone), so the site is definitely working and the issue is at my end.  Can anyone suggest any way to track this down and fix it?

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    Certainly not DNSBL if you can resolve it to the proper IP (not the DNSBL one).

  • Do you think it is possible that Snort could be blocking it?  I am really confused as to why I cannot access this website.

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    Well you really need to look at the logs (and your log settings if there's nothing in there).

  • It doesn't seem to show up in any of the logs.  I am completely baffled.

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    It doesn't seem to show up in any of the logs.  I am completely baffled.

    If its blocked via DNSBL, you can hit F12 in the browser and goto "Dev mode", then goto "Console" and see the errors… That will indicate all the domains that are blocked... Sometimes there are CNAMEs that can blocked, so need to pay more attention to the Alerts Log...

    If its being blocked via an IP Blocklist, ensure that all your IP Aliases have "logging" enabled...

    Can also try to resolve the Domain and see what the DNS response is, or try to ping the IP address...

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