Outbound rules or DNS problem, why can't I access WAN

  • I have an OpenVPN Remote Access server setup, along with an OpenVPN client connection to PureVPN - so 1 server and 1 client running on my pfSense box.  The problem is that when I connect to the Remote Access server, the WAN connection doesn't work properly - I can't access the internet through the local WAN connection (not trying to go through the PureVPN tunnel).  I'm not sure if my Outbound rules are incorrect, or if I have a DNS issue.  The weird thing is that I when I ping from the machine that is connected to the RA server, it resolves the name (so DNS is working), however, the ping's time out - it never actually connects.  The other weird thing is that when I ping from my pfSense box, it's pinging through the PureVPN tunnel, not through the local WAN (based on ping times).  Here are my Outbound NAT mappings, followed by LAN rules.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • I have the exact some issue, did you ever resolve this?