OVPN on BGP pfsense vs. running OSPF

  • Good morning,
    Brief run down - we are currently running 1 pfsense box with OSPF. We have multiple VPNS as well as an MPLS network. We are in the process of moving from OSPF on our MPLS network to BGP. Since you can not run OSPF and BGP on the same Pfsesnse box, I was wondering, if I build the VPNs on the new BGP pfsense box, what would be the best method of sharing my VPN routes? We have 8 sites that are connected to our MPLS network which will be using BGP. We have 5 not on MPLS connecting back using OVPN. OSPF has been the easiest method of sharing my routes, but with BGP, im not sure what we can do without having a ton of statics. Any advice?

    I thought about having 1 OSPF router for my OVPNS and 1 BGP router for my MPLS network connected to a layer3 switch. Not sure if I would want to run OSPF and BGP on my switch and cost the routes from there or add the static routes depending if I need to send it via VPN or MPLS. Also to be clear, my sites that are connected via MPLS also have a backup router for Ovpn.

    Again my main question is, if I switch my OSPF router to BGP, what would be the best method to route VPN traffic without a bunch of statics.


  • Anyone have any kind of feed back? Did I post this in the correct section of the forums?

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