Openvpn client not routing traffic

  • So setup is this (does work with asuswrt as client)

    Remote server which I manage running openvpn 2.4 server
    pfSense 2.4 running openvpn client
    Authentication is via TLS and also SHA1 auth
    private network for vpn is
    openvpn server ip is
    pfsense ip is

    authentication is successful in logs and pfsense box can ping

    I observed all my clients were not going over the vpn, then I discovered the lan ip's need to be entered into the vpn settings page.

    I entered a ip of one of my servers into the remote ipv4 box. However I just get a timeout trying to connect to it.

    Have I missed something configuration wise?

    Also to add I can ping that ip from the pfsense box and it looks like its going over the vpn based on the latency, but it times out from any lan client.

  • I found the answer on a commercial vpn guide page.

    Basically I had to setup outbound nat rules to route the traffic.

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