Virtualized pfsense & latency

  • Hey guys, new to pfsense but loving the product so far. Just have a quick question;

    running pfsense virtualized in esxi 6.0, and games/discord chat are showing my latency alot higher then normal, compared to a physical router. Is this latency just because its virtualized, or is something else at play here?

    I have the low latency option turned on for this VM, and i switched it to e1000 adapters from vmnx3 just to make sure it wasnt an adapter problem. It also has 6gb of ram and 4 procs.

    Have any of you run into this issue?


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    And what kind of latency are you thinking is higher?  And what exactly is the low latency option on the vm?

    I run my pfsense on esxi 6.. And latency is fine to isp gateway, etc. 9 to 10ms, and to another segment normal lan speeds of less than 1ms..

    I didn't turn on any sort of low latency option which I have never heard of..

  • Without pfsense i get 20ms avg on all apps, with it in the mix im getting 40-45 in chat apps and 30-35 in games.

    the low latency option just locks up memory and cpu so it doesnt have to fight with other virtualized servers for it. It has its own dedicated space in ram/cpu.

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    are you using any packages like snort or proxy?

    what is a simple ping to your isp gateway show?  How are you connected.. Are you hairpinning, are you using vlans?

    Where exactly is this low latency option?

    Where do you have your vmkern?  Is it on the same vswitch as your normal network or on its own interface/vswitch?

  • no snort or proxy, dont need it right now

    12-14ms to gateway, no hairpinning or vlans currently. LAN is one /24.

    low latency option didnt do anything, so its turned off

    the vmkern is on the mgmt network on a separate vswitch. It's isolated on its own for mgmt only. My Lan uses a different vswitch, and obviously WAN is on its own.

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    So your latency is these other programs uses what exactly to determine latency??  You sure you just not seeing a few extra ms in a initial resolve of where your going vs it be forwarded or cached?

    Clearly your ping time to your gateway is less than the 40 ms your saying your seeing through pfsense..

  • So just as an FYI, i updated to 2.4 and I must say wow, it feels way faster then 2.3.x. It also fixed all my percieved latency problems, and it was super simple to set up ipv6 in it. Great job guys, keep it up.

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