Ipv4 updates not running when should?

  • I have had no issues with dnsbl since I fixed pfblockerng.inc

    I also have stopped getting alerts saying the ipbl failed to download (they were probably caused by previous issue of unbound breaking that I fixed).

    However I now noticed only one ipbl actually updates daily.
    In the log all the others just print exists and skip over.

    I double checked they were all set to daily and they are.

    In addition maxmind last db update was 7 dec, so that also didnt run on the 7 january as it should do.

    ===[  IPv4 Process  ]=================================================
    [ RW_IPBL ]		 Downloading update .. 200 OK. completed ..
      Original Master     Final     
      11546    11546      11546       [ Pass ] 
    [ malwarepatrol ]	 exists. [ 01/07/17 23:51:54 ]
    [ zeus ]		 exists.
    [ dshield2 ]		 exists.
    [ emerging ]		 exists.

    In the pfblockerng widget, the last update dates are as follows.

    dshield 5 jan
    emerging 6 jan
    zeus 5 jan

    rw ipbl and malware patrol as 7 jan although only the rwipbl actually updated malware patrol did not.

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    When cron runs, it compares that timestamp of the previous download to the remote URL timestamp, and it will only download if newer.  Check the pfblockerng.log for the cron update process, and you will see that detail…

    With Force Update, it only downloads the file if its a new List and it wasn't previously downloaded ... after that, any updates are done via the Cron/Freq settings to keep the file updated...

    If MaxMind did not update, you can review the /var/log/pfblockerng/geoip.log file for details…

    To run MaxMind Update manually:

    php /usr/local/www/pfblockerng/pfblockerng.php dc

  • ok thanks.

    With further examination I do indeed see that it did some kind of check by checking the timestamps on the remote site and determining no update is required, I manually checked the source and it was correct.  So the ipv4 side is good.

    I also checked the maxmind log, and that says a update was carried out, it did not report errors.  I will see if the widget reports a newer update when I run that command.


  • sorry for delaying the reply, because hphosts was down for a day or so I had to wait because the part of the widget that displays the maximind update status got replaced with hphosts update errors.

    I have an interesting update.

    First I noticed just before making this post the update had changed to```
     MaxMind: Last-Modified: Wed, 04 Jan 2017 02:03:52 GMT

    I also just now ran the command you provided which has the following output.

    Country code update Start
    Converting MaxMind Country databases for pfBlockerNG.
    Processing ISO IPv4 Continent/Country Data
    Processing ISO IPv6 Continent/Country Data [ 01/10/17 19:50:29 ]
    Creating pfBlockerNG Continent XML files
    IPv4 Africa                    [ 01/10/17 19:50:36 ]
    IPv6 Africa
    IPv4 Antarctica
    IPv6 Antarctica
    IPv4 Asia
    IPv6 Asia                      [ 01/10/17 19:50:40 ]
    IPv4 Europe
    IPv6 Europe                    [ 01/10/17 19:50:52 ]
    IPv4 North America              [ 01/10/17 19:50:54 ]
    IPv6 North America              [ 01/10/17 19:51:02 ]
    IPv4 Oceania                    [ 01/10/17 19:51:03 ]
    IPv6 Oceania                    [ 01/10/17 19:51:04 ]
    IPv4 South America
    IPv6 South America              [ 01/10/17 19:51:05 ]
    IPv4 Proxy and Satellite
    IPv6 Proxy and Satellite
    IPv4 TOP 20
    IPv6 TOP 20                    [ 01/10/17 19:51:06 ]
    pfBlockerNG Reputation Tab
    Country Code Update Ended

    Looks fine to me, but the widget still shows 4 jan, so I think the update has been working fine but the widget is showing stale data.

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    Keep in mind that MaxMind is a free database that is updated once per month…. So the Widget Timestamp is the MaxMind Update timestamp and not the download timestamp...

  • ok will keep that in mind, thanks.

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