2.4.0-BETA and Minnowboard Max; installation got stuck

  • I have been trying to install 2.4.0-BETA to a Minnowboard Max, just to see if it makes sense to switch from Linux-based firewalls to pfSense. However, the process has been anything but smooth.

    First I tried booting from an SDHC card. UEFI was able to load and start the kernel, but it panics quite soon. Somehow it looked like the SDHC card driver or something else was missing - is this config even supposed to work?

    Today I bought two 16GB Sandisk USB sticks to be able to continue. The installer boots from one, and the first part of installation seems to be OK; it installs the system to the other USB stick. At least it looks like it got installed ok. I haven't installed pfSense earlier (and last time when I did anything with FreeBSD was maybe 15 years ago). Then, after rebooting using the 2nd USB stick, the system hangs after reporting "re0: link state changed to DOWN". If I connect an ethernet cable, it will notice that (printing "…UP") but I haven't been able to make it do anything else.

    A similar problem that was already discussed here three years ago: https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=64249.0
    but now the image I tested was a fresh one (pfSense-CE-memstick-serial-2.4.0-BETA-amd64-20170107-0458.img). An older, released version (2.3.2) can't be tested because that doesn't support UEFI...but are there 2.4 images that are known to work? just now I don't know what to try next. Unless I revert to Linux-based systems.