What am I missing when trying to setup pfSense 2.3.2 on ESXi 6?

  • I can't get traffic in or out the WAN interface.
    I have a physical pfSense installation on a Dell PE 850 using the onboard (Broadcom) NICs for LAN/WAN. 
    I'm trying to replicate this onto a VM on a Dell PE 1950 using the onboard (Broadcom) NICs for LAN/WAN.
    The vSphere client I'm using through a Workstation VM to set this up reports that nothing on this host can be used in pass through mode. :/

    Physical installation of pfSense works fine on the 850.  I can ping the WAN gateway from the console with no issue.

    I initially installed the pfSense VM on the ESXi 6.0 host while connected to the local LAN, just a a test to make sure there wouldn't be any issues that I could easily identify with the network interfaces.
    I was able to connect to the Web GUI and ping the default gateway just to prove to myself that data would pass.
    I shutdown the physical installation of pfSense, connected the LAN cable to the ESXi host and fired up the virtual pfSense installation.
    I can get network access tot he LAN interface of the pfSense installation, and I can get to the console via the vSphere client.

    What I _can't _ do is ping the WAN gateway, and no traffic passes in or out through the virtual pfSense.

    I have tried both E1000 and VMXNET 3 NICs in the VM. 
    I have physically swapped the LAN/WAN cables connected to the  ESXi host.
    So far as I'm aware the upstream provider has not locked the port down to a single MAC address – it's business connection with a static IPV4 address.
    Just to try and eliminate that as an issue, I spoofed the MAC address from the functioning setup both int he VM and in the pfSense interface setup.

    What's the secret sauce I'm missing here?  I can't think of anything else to try.  Are there any steps I'm missing to validate the correct NIC connection?
    Pretty sure I have that nailed, but I'm open to suggestions.


    I attached a screen shot of the ESXi network setup.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Well for starters your nic is not connected and why do you have it set on your wan for vlan 1?